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Tips and Advice

It's worth remembering these tips every time you get behind the wheel. They'll help keep your Audi in top condition, make it more enjoyable to drive and can save you money.

Avoid hard revving when cold

Most engine wear occurs when starting a cold engine. During the winter months, allow your Audi a few minutes to warm up by lightly revving the engine. This allows the lubrication system to move oil right through the engine. Once the temperature gauge rises to the normal operating zone, your Audi is ready for what it does best.

Driving smoothly

City traffic creates stop-start motion that is hard on cars, wearing on engine, clutch transmission, brakes and tyres as well as fuel. If you adopt a smooth, steady driving style you’ll reduce wear on the car, save money and fuel and help the environment.

Always park in gear

Ensure the handbrake is completely engaged and the car is placed in gear whenever you park your Audi. Automatic cars should be placed in ‘P’ and manual cars in first or reverse gear. For additional safety when parking downhill, point your tyres towards the kerb.

Keeping an eye on the gauges

When driving your Audi keep an eye on oil pressure and water temperature, as these two gauges monitor the engine’s vital cooling and lubrication systems. If at any time these gauges move into the critical zone or a warning light comes on, stop the car as soon as practical and get help by calling your nearest Audi Service Centre or Roadside Assistance. For more information please refer to your owner’s manual.

Lost Keys / Emergency Vehicle Access

As all new Audis are protected by a high security immobiliser and dead-locking system, a forced entry cannot be carried out due to the risk of causing serious damage. It is recommended you keep your spare key somewhere you can easily access it. Please note it is not recommended to leave your spare key inside the vehicle.